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Academic Year in Germany

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Germany, the main economic power in Europe and world headquarters of the car and technological industry, offers the possibility of immersion in their rich culture and of acquiring one of the most demanded languages on the continent. This booming language, an unquestionable guarantee of a wide range of employment possibilities, becomes one of the most successful language immersion options for those who seek to reach a brilliant international future. Germany, with its recognised value system and its intense love of sports, provides the perfect environment to forge an extraordinary future from such an uncertain present.

For those who bet on prosperity, welcome to the land of work opportunities.

We offer schools in the following areas as well as others: Bavaria, Brandenburg, Bonn, Cologne, the Rhine region and Berlin.

We work with state schools as well as private schools. All schools are coeducational and secular.

The states (Länder) have the freedom to choose the contents of the different subjects and the structure of the course. Among the subjects that may be studied we find: German, Maths, Science, Social Sciences, Languages, Computer Science, Ethics, Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Extracurricular activities:
Each school offers different sports including; football, basketball, handball, rugby and swimming; artistic activities such as music, choir and theatre, and also languages.
14-15 3º ESO 9th form, secondary modern school
15-16 4º ESO 10th form
Year 11, GCSE's 1º Bach. 11th or 12th Year, Comprehensive School
Year 12 2º Bach. 12th or 13th Year Comprehensive School and A Level


  • Information meeting
  • German test
  • Information guide
  • Parent and pupil orientation meeting
  • Support and assistance from the Spanish office
  • Schooling and registration for a term/school year
  • Accommodation with host family
  • Full board
  • Support and supervision coordinator at the destination
  • Advice on validation management
  • Medical insurance
  • 24h emergency telephone number in Spain and Germany
  • Airport transfers at the beginning and end of the course


  • Flights
  • Extracurricular activities and excursions
  • Personal expenses
  • Berlin zone supplement
  • Expenses and school extras such as lunch, books, locker, gym and so on
  • Other types of transfer
  • Costs of translation and validation


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