Academic Year Abroad

High School On-Board A Ship

academic year on boat internationalFor those who do not content themselves with only one country.
A vessel, a journey and only one goal: for you to make your dreams come true.

An internationally acclaimed experience on-board a majestic ship that travels to some of the most emblematic countries in the world; the perfect option for all those baccalaureate pupils that wish to live the most exciting adventure of their lives.

Study in an excellent High School programme that follows the Canadian curriculum, on board a luxurious vessel that offers a wide range of activities and sports designed to satisfy all your needs.

Discover new cultures, new countries, new customs and a paradise of opportunities at a speed of 10 knots.

Visit the most emblematic places, attend all kinds of cultural events, explore the diversity of alien landscapes and live with a family in the desert. Grow and delight in this diverse panorama. Linguistic, cultural and social plurality forms the ideal environment to mature, be more independent, open the mind beyond the known and to learn to tolerate divergence as well as respect differences. We form people; we create citizens of the world.

A magical journey:
Pupils explore historic sites, attend cultural events, visit scientific institutions and explore unique and impressive landscapes. This experience accelerates the pupils' personal development, as they have the challenge of leaving their comfort zones to find the reward that comes from embracing new and unknown experiences.

We are committed to the best teaching:
Pupils will follow the Canadian educational curriculum, attending five hours of class a day and can choose their subjects depending on the course: Literature, English, Theatre, French, History, Geography, Political Science, Anthropology, Psychology, Multimedia Design, Sociology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Oceanography, Mathematics and Calculus.
Classes have a small number of pupils (12 on average) to ensure personalised attention and satisfying the learning needs of each pupil. Our teaching staff, faithful to our philosophy, will challenge pupils to excel academically and make the most of this incredible experience.

We take care of you:
We have an experienced doctor, available at all times, to meet any of our pupils’ medical needs, whether illness or injury. We have numerous medicines and medical equipment for any kinds of medical assistance requested by the pupils. In addition, in severe cases, the vessel can dock at the nearest port or, if necessary, an evacuation can be carried out by air ambulance.

A safe passage:
For us safety is paramount, so we will carry out a structured training process with all of our pupils, on the protocols and procedures necessary to ensure their safety on-board. In turn, clear rules are established regarding shore-leave permits and free time, including curfews and a minimum number of pupils per group in order to carry out their outings ashore.

Variable duration:
Pupils may enrol for one term (4 months) or a full academic year (8.5 months).

Fresh food:
Using the most wholesome ingredients, our chefs prepare the four meals necessary for proper energy. Replenishing the inventory of our kitchen for each of the voyages, we guarantee the availability of fresh food on the high seas.
Whether on-board or ashore, the possibility of having a good time and fun with their friends is a very important part of this experience. For this reason, we offer all kinds of scheduled activities so that they can make the most of this experience. We have all type of classes and musical instruments, including meetings of the pupils' club, tutoring, study groups, afternoon coffee and film nights; as well as granting leave to participate in local activities such as water sports, time to go shopping or trying the local cuisine.
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