How Do We Help You With The Process?

Academic Year Abroad

In our Academic Year Department at King’s College International we have a team with wide experience in the sector, giving you the best possible advice for choosing your programme. We know that each pupil is different and that, depending on their goals, hobbies, level of English and academic results, we will recommend certain destinations, as well as different types of college or accommodation. Our mission is to advise and accompany the pupil throughout the process.

Choice of school

We work with a wide variety of schools in each of the destinations we offer, in order to be able to present a wide selection that meets pupil’s needs and expectations.

Rigorous selection of host families

We carefully select the families that act as hosts to our pupils, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment. All of the families that host our pupils have been through the following screening process:

  • A thorough personal interview with all members of the family, with the aim of getting to know their hobbies, interests, pastimes, lifestyle, and, most importantly, their motivations and reasons to host an international pupil.
  • A detailed check of home conditions such as hygiene or the future pupil’s room.
  • Verification that we offer a safe and secure environment: Checking the safety of the neighbourhood, as well as the existence of any criminal records for host family members and such.


We aid you in all the steps related to documentation required for obtaining the necessary visas for studying in the destinations that require them.

Pre-departure meeting

Prior to departure, we invite you to a meeting where we answer all your questions; giving you the information you need to arrange your trip, with as much detail and precision as possible. Furthermore, we provide practical tips for adapting to your new life in the destination country.

Subject selection

We advise you on your choice of subjects in relation to the Ministry of Education requirements needed to process your validation.

By your side at all times

We offer a support network that will guarantee you all the help and assistance you may need during your academic stay. We put a local coordinator at your disposal who will be in permanent contact with you and whom you can call on whenever you need them. In addition, we will be in constant communication with our destination partners from our offices in Spain, to keep track of your emotional, academic, and linguistic development and thus to ensure the success of your programme.


King’s College International takes care of the Spanish Education Ministry recognition procedures for your studies abroad.

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