Integration with Natives

Integration with natives in Chester, England

english in chester england cityAge: 13-18 years
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Chester is the capital of the county of Cheshire, in the north west of England. The city still maintains the essence of its past that has its origins in Roman times, being one of the best preserved walled cities in England, and which receives many tourist visits throughout the year. The course is held in Riverside Campus (University of Chester), a modern area located only seven minutes walk from the centre of the city. This beautiful place has been home to the program for several years and has great levels of education, as well as numerous sociocultural opportunities for all participants. Pupils enjoy the company of other native children during the activities and excursions, with a friendly and fun approach to their culture and way of life.

  • With a host family
  • Shared room
  • Full board
  • Comfortable distances
  • Daily integration with native speakers
  • Friendly and personal
  • Return flight to London
  • Accompanied by a teacher during travel and stay
  • Airport transfers to/from London to Chester and vice versa
  • Local programme coordinator
  • Accommodation with host family in shared room
  • Full board
  • 15 hours of English per week
  • Weekly social program with British pupils
  • Necessary teaching materials
  • Academic certificate
  • 24 hour emergency phone line throughout the course
  • Travel insurance and medical assistance