Integration with Natives

Integration with native students in Isle Of Wight, England

english in isle of Wight England campAge: 11-17 years
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Situated on the South Coast opposite the city of Southampton, the Isle of Wight is the largest island in England. It is separated from Great Britain by the small strait of the Solent. It is a place with a marked British ambiance, surrounded by amazing nature, and it is famous for its regattas and its white cliffs that, on clear days, can be seen from different points along the British coast. The basic program is without English classes and is composed of monitored days full of environmentally related activities in the company of students from other nationalities, including native participants who are integrated into the daily dynamics of the camp. The facility staff are completely native and use English as a vehicle to introduce each of the disciplines developed. In addition, pupils are offered the opportunity of adding English classes to their program.

  • Residential style
  • Shared room, from four to 16 students
  • Full board
  • Self service laundry available
  • Next to the beach
  • Water sports
  • Climbing tower and zip-line
  • Archery
  • Quad zone
  • Caving
  • Sports Fields
  • Return flight to London and bus transfers at destination
  • Accompanied by a teacher during travel and stay
  • Accommodation in camp residence
  • Full board
  • Full daily program of multi-adventure integration
  • Possibility of English lessons at NO EXTRA COST
  • Academic Material and Certificate of attendance upon completion of the course
  • One full day and two afternoon excursions per week
  • 24 hour phone line throughout the course
  • Travel insurance and medical assistance