English Programmes Abroad

Integration with natives North Carolina, USA

immersion in english in USAAge: 14-18 years
Date: 7th to 28th July

The program is held in Asheville, a beautiful enclave located in the state of North Carolina. Considered to be the United States’ most beautiful small town, it is a place known for its rivers, waterfalls, nature and pleasant environments. Asheville is a very safe town, full of warm locals whose families are the hosts for pupils who participate in the course, forming an ideal scenario for developing a type of course oriented towards social integration in English. It takes place in Hanger Hall School, a centre where American participants receive other language classes three days per week, and in addition join the English conversation classes with the international pupils. Participating pupils include Europeans as well as approximately 40% of young Americans. To be able to preserve this positive balance the number of places for attending this course is limited.


  • Volunteer host family
  • Shared room
  • Full board
  • External activities with Americans
  • Volunteer host families
  • Very friendly and safe environments
  • Involvement in the local community
  • Environmental awareness
  • Team work and disciplines
  • Life experience
  • Return flight to Charlotte (departures only from Madrid)
  • Airport transfers at destination
  • Accompanied by a teacher during travel and stay
  • 12 English classes plus 30 hours of integration with natives per week
  • Family accommodation in shared room
  • Full board
  • One full day excursion per week
  • Daily activity programme with native pupils.
  • Highly qualified teachers
  • Academic material and Certificate
  • 24 hour telephone assistance throughout the course
  • Travel insurance and medical assistance